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Want to get fit through by doing fitness workout exercises? Try this amazing fitness app - 7 Minutes Fitness Workouts to learn and try quick fitness exercises. This iPhone app is dedicated to all fitness lovers who want to improve their overall health while they are too busy. With these short workouts, you can breathe, move and sleep better. Just start trying these quick fitness exercises on our app.

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  • Additional workout - each month 1 fresh free workout for to shape abs, legs or butt.
  • Progress tracking - workouts, time and estimation for burned calories this month and for a lifetime.
  • Workout reminder - to not skip the 7 minutes workout and start building healthy habits.
  • Exercise time settings - to have a complete workout and to not stress for missing out reps during position switch.
  • Professional artist voice narration - English-American voice artist for guiding, instruction and motivation
  • Audio/screen/vibration settings - some standard settings for a better experience.
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