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Aariya Diamonds is one of the most prestigious stores in Birmingham’s famous jewelry quarter. They offer premium diamond engagement rings at a much more affordable price than other high-end retailers. If you’re looking for something special, you can take a pick from Aariya Diamonds extensive range of round engagement rings and white gold engagement rings.

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  • User can register using Email id and password
  • Users can follow on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter for latest news online
  • User can search Diamond Jewellery, Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Platinum Rings, Gold Rings based on
    • Shape
    • Color
    • Cost
    • Style
    • Availability
  • User can design Diamond Engagement Ring
  • User can get free ring resizing
  • User can cancel order after design and get deposit back
  • User can book appointment for design Diamond jewellery
  • User can rate and review the service
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