About Us

"About Us"

  • Know more about our Commitments to Client`s Notion

    As the name suggests - eBizTrait, we assist our clients in generating their business through internet. eBizTrait's inception goes back to 2012 as a leading Web Development Company and a Digital Marketing Agency serving clients globally with offices in India and USA. In these 9 years, we have successfully accumulated a team of 70+ people who are Skilled Developers, Creative Designers and result -oriented Project Managers having a little knack for their particular endeavor. Our varied Clientele list includes Startups, SMBs and Giant Enterprises too.

    Our collaboration with clients and his/ her business results in solving an effective solution, customer encounters while fulfilling their needs. We provide web services which include Professional Website Design, Web and Mobile Application Development, App and Website Designing, Logo Design, Web Content Designing, IOT Solution, Digital Marketing and e-Commerce Solution. In short, eBizTrait Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. could be the perfect technological partner for your whole and sole requirement of business development on the internet.

    Why Choose Us?

    Technological advancement

    eBizTrait Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. have always looked forward and narrowed down the gap between online and offline business. We use latest frameworks like AngularJS and ReactJS for Web Development, Swift, and Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android development. With this technological advancement, we transform it into a value for our client`s business harnessing the power of the internet.


    With 5+ Years of experience, we strive to be the best suitable choice as an IT ServicesProvider with each project. Developers and Designers at eBizTrait Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. collaborate and grow each day by sharing their experiences. Be it any field, Digital Marketing, Web and App Development, SEO and eCommerce, we have veterans from each field. This Experienced have helped us a lot in tightening the loose ends.

    Passion to get it done

    Many companies don’t have the luck of having passionate people to work with. At eBizTrait Technolabs Pvt. Ltd., the scenario is totally inverse. Our Passion for work is probably the main reason which keeps us ahead of curve. We are passion driven, with each project to complete it with same consistency regardless of its cost or size.

    In-House team

    High Quality and efficiency come with dedication and we believe that it can only be achieved by an in-house team, working regularly and completing the task which is necessary.

    Result focused and customer centric Methodologies

    It's pointless to develop a project which doesn’t fulfill the customers need. Our Team ensures that each project stays result focused with a customer as a prime component in the process. Methodologies used by us have made many clients happy and customers satisfied.

    Integrated web solution for your business requirement

    If you partner up with eBizTrait Technolabs, you wouldn't need to search any other firm for your business development on the web. We provide end to end web solution for your business requirement.

    Flexibility and Transparency

    We are flexible according to client`s requirement, our offshore offices ensure the flexible timing. Transparency is our prime goal during a process, clients have access to all the tools and power to change according to his/her requirement.

    Easy Communicative support

    We are available 24*7 by any communication medium client approach. You can E-Mails us, Skype us, call us or even sent a message to our WhatsApp business number.

    Our Methodology

    Demand analysis

    Our Expert team of analyst, first analyze your need and explains to you how to execute your idea with a convenient application.


    After mutual understanding, we make a plan to showcase your idea with time lines and budget. We also give you the rough idea of how you might see the application after its completion.

    Prototype Development

    Here is the stage, where all the necessary corrections are done for seamless and efficient performance.


    Creative UX/UI Designer at eBizTrait Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. makes an interactive design for your website or application keeping in mind about the target audience and their psychology. We wait for client`s approval before implementing the design in App or Website.


    Developers at eBizTrait Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. use the latest language and frameworks for the quality of code and feature-rich experience for a user.

    Constantly Testing

    To ensure the effective performance even with huge traffic, we have made a very stiff testing process through which only quality code could pass.

    Final Deployment

    After ensuring all the functionalities of application, it goes live in app store within a targeted audience and beyond that too.

    Maintenance for sustainable development

    We don’t hang our clients to dry. To ensure a smooth performance, we regularly check into client`s application/website.

    Our Core Values

    • Works realistic
    • Frequently exceeding client`s expectation
    • Out of the box thinking
    • Synergetic Working
    • Passionate about their Work
    • Breaking the conventional Methods
    • Always in Pursuit to learn

A Quick Glance At The Services we Offer

About 1

Web Site Designing Services

Our web designers work on latest platforms to ensure that your site is able to provide users with an exceptional experience.

About 2

Web Development Services

Our web development services cover all major platforms, we discuss client’s requirements and then suggest the option that appears to be a perfect fit.

About 3

Internet Marketing Services

We work with businesses of all scale, this not only helps us deliver desired results to the clients but also allows us to set a unique target for every business with a practical internet marketing strategy

About 4

App Development

Our expert app developers have been creating intuitive and feature loaded apps and this has helped our clients attain satisfactory results from their ventures.

About 5

Ecommerce Portal Development

With online sales soaring high, most of the businesses are going online; we help our clients making this shift go easy. We will create for you a portal that allows you to sell your goods in the internet space in a safe and effectual fashion.

About 6

Branding Services

Right from creating a logo for your business to creating a complete service brochure, our expert designers will do it all ensuring that your brand stands out in the niche. Whether it is flyer design or business card design, you can vouch on us for designs that give your business a unique identity.

We offer services that meet your needs, whilst ensuring that they help your brand stand out amongst its competitors!